Oh, what to write up where celebrities are concerned

You know, we’ve been having such a ball doing this job that we wish it could go on forever. But like any hardworking bunch of writers will tell you, those typing fingers and peering eyes can get quite tired. And when that happens, brain fatigue also sets in. a lot of this is taken up doing as much research and reading on your favorite celebrities as possible. By now, you too know how hard and frustrating this can be at times. You find yourselves having to sift through so much nonsensical rubbish before, finally, halleluiah; you’ve found something well worth reading for a few minutes.

To help you cut the wheat from the chaff, to help you cut to the chase, and to help you finally get to the meat still on the bone, why don’t you go to places like http://celebritynetworth.wiki. This is as easy as a duck shaking water off its back. It is as effective as leading a horse to drink his water. The summaries you’ll be presented with give you more than enough information that could just surprise you and get your mouth watering for more, always thirsting for more knowledge. And what these sources also do is lead you straight onto other worthwhile links that will be giving you relevant information that you can use, no matter for what purpose.

Just to prove a point, here is a brief summary of what we found in the space of a couple of minutes. Of course, you need to make sure your machine is working alright and your internet connection is humming at a good speed. We found some interesting material on Robert Kiyosaki. This is the guy famous for his Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books. But what we didn’t know at the time of our quick research was that he had his own TV shows too. Well, we should have expected that. And it does just go to show what good research does achieve.

For instance, we were looking up info on the world’s richest men. At the time of writing, Warren Buffet was listed as the world’s second richest man by net worth. No prizes for guessing who today’s richest guy is. Okay, we’ll tell you; it’s Bill Gates, of course. And this is still with him giving all his money away. Buffet doesn’t give money away, or if he does, he’s not telling, but you can find this out sure enough through your own intense online reading. You can find out what charities he’s driving. Surely you guys know this; there must be a Warren Buffett foundation out there.


Anyway, there seems to be some discrepancy over his age. On the one hand, he’s eighty four. Otherwise, at the time of writing, he’s now eighty six. It may seem trivial but sometimes such info does matter. We’ve run out of time. More work to do still.