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2016-12-30 17:08:26

       Do you agree or disagree university should not provide theoretical knowledge, but to give practical training benefit to society.你支持哪种观点呢?
    Some people think that university should not provide theoretical knowledge, but to give practical training benefit to society.
  Do you agree or disagree. use your own experience and knowledge to support your idea.
  Most universities and colleges spend a rather long period in fundamental theories and elementary courses. But students regard these kinds of knowledge useless, and pay less attention to them. They suggest school pay more time for practical training instead of providing theoretical lessons. In my opinion, however, theoretical knowledge is necessary. And one will definitely benefit from it.
  Firstly, fundamental theories, such as math and physics, are the basis of other knowledge. To a student who majors in automatic control, the course of control system is the most practical and useful in the future. But if he isn’t good at math and circuit, he will hardly be able to understand the principles and methods of how to control a subject or process. It is just like constructing a building. How can you imagine a spectacular high-rise without a firm groundsill? That is, theories and practices are interrelated. We can ignore neither of them.
  Moreover, theoretical basic knowledge provides not only the knowledge itself, but also a way that how to learn and research. University is a place for scientific research and invention. So it is necessary for students to have the skill of doing research. Seeing from another angle, science and techniques are exploding so quickly that present skills will soon be out of date. If one learnt nothing except practical skills, he would also fall behind the society. But if one could master the method of research, he would be able to refresh himself continuously with advanced technology.
  From all the commentaries above, we can learn the important role of
  theoretical knowledge. Although pragmatism is very popular today, we should pay enough attention to the basis and principles.

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